Fog Machine H-1S Moving Head

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  • 24 x 5W single colour LEDs
  • 3/5-pol XLR and W-4 remote control
  • Einzigartige Feuersimulationen
  • Instant Fog-Stop, no fluif dripping of the machine
  • standing or hung operation possible
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Upgraded version of H-1S moving head fog machine, with optional small controller box, it features 24 pcs of 5W RGBA LED lights, rapid movement, various color changes, strobe, sound activated model, adjustable fog output, Immediate-Stop and Anti-Squirting Plus technology. The yoke has a 540-degree pan and the head has a 270-degree tilt. Since the size of heater bigger than the predecessor, the fog output stronger. LED lights increase 50% brightness, which can work individually or together with fog. Super strong fog output is sensational. Intensive multi-color LED lights are dazzling. Rotating moving head is thrilling. It delivers all three. With newest ?Anti-Squirting Plus? technology, it is safer no matter hung or placed on the floor. It is suitable for high-end bars and stages.

technical data

Power supply

  • Voltage 100 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Power consumption max. 1500 W


Light source

  • LM type LED Einzelfarben
  • Colour spectrum RGBA
  • Power 120 W
  • Number / Power 24 x 5 W



  • Current in NEUTRIK powerCON
  • XLR in/out 3pol / 5pol



  • DMX512 Yes
  • Number of DMX channels 10


Technical Data

  • Effect type Nebelmaschine
  • Heating 1500 W
  • Ejection 566 m³/min
  • Tank volume 1,30 Liter
  • Consumption @ 100% 100 ml/min
  • Warm-up time 4,5 Minuten



  • Dimensions (L/W/H) 403 x 355 x 477 mm
  • Weight 19,00 kg
Fog Machine H-1S Moving Head

Shipping Informations

Weight 19.232 kg
Dimensions 57 × 46 × 43 cm


Fog Machine H-1S Moving Head
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