About us

Dear Customers,
let me introduce myself as director of DE Truss light Audio:

My name is Enver Ramaj. I started in this industry 26 years ago and worked for the Company B&K Braun in Germany. A leading wholesaler for Truss-, light- and sound systems in Europe. In this company I was responsible for:

  • Exhibitions worldwide
    That means the complete organization from A to Z. Logistics, Transportation, Light and Booth Design, Built up and break down, product presentation.
    (Pro Light Sound Germany, Moscow, Guangzhou, Plasa London, and many more)
  • Events (Inhouse exhibitions, Live Acts, Showrooms, and so on)
    This included also the complete construction work and development of the events.
  • Project Business
    This included many interesting installations, just to mention a few:
    o Installation of an Ion Tube System from GLP at the Sparkassen Tower in Pforzheim, including Service and Repairs.
    o Over a 1000m Trusses installed at the Airport Istanbul including Planing and calculation.
    o MCFit Fitness Studio Truss concepts and presentations
    o Daimler Benz Exhibition special light constructions with GLP Patend lights.
    o And many more.
  • Product development/management (Global Truss, DJ Power, LAX Audio, GLP and so on)
    As leading Sales manager for Global Truss, I had to develop many customized solutions we took over in the sales program later on. I had to find solutions and construct whatever the customer needed. I had to manage most of these brands regarding electronics and product quality before they could be sold. This included to check CE, Rohs, VDE, Reach and so on.
  • Service and Repairs (AS Electronic engineer I optimized processes in the workshop and serviced/repaired all electronic parts and pcbs)

To sum up, I had the chance to collect an extreme experience in this business in most of those industry parts. That all leaded to take the step and become self-employed with my own company called DE Truss Light Audio. I thought it might be time to give something of my knowledge and service to my own customers and to deliver direct support in a new Country for. But let me proof my speech and call me that I can help you with your projects. As I learned my business in Germany my highest value is quality, accuracy in time, and best service for customers.

That’s why i have just chosen the best brands imho to sell to Sweden and to shorten distances and service time. We deliver direct from Sweden to Sweden and that saves a lot of time for your business no matter if you need a good sound concept, a truss construction, a breathtaking light concept or just some consultancy for your project.

Our brands are:
Global Truss, DJ Power, LEDium LED Screens, Ape Labs battery lights, Tego Pro stage accessories, Iridium lighting, Wanner Steel, Carlstahl Steels, LED Table, Safetex, LAX Audio, truePHASE Audio and many more.

Other brands:
No matter which brand you like to purchase, due to my 26 years’ experience I can offer contacts to all major companies in this industry, and I am happy to sell you what ever it is. Just let me help you out with your project and I will do my very best for your success.

We offer Project planning and controlling, Installation services, Event planning and development, the only thing you have to do to get all these advantages is to get in contact with me or my company. I am available by mail, or by phone. Remember, call us to save time and money and we will do our best to make your project great! Sometimes we got the missing idea to ignite your imagination!

Your sincerely
Enver Ramaj
Director of DE Truss Light Audio

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